Safety and sustainability
in demolition & recycling

Kiro Tamer

Head of Environmental Sustainability, Keltbray



Kiro joined Keltbray four years ago and now heads up the environmental sustainability function, in this role he is responsible for setting the long-term sustainability strategy for the company and deploying the appropriate actions in order to achieve the company goals.

Kiro has always been passionate about the world of engineering. He started his career as a motorsport engineer but found that he couldn’t support an industry which thrives on fossilised plants; although he still has a soft spot for cars. He went on to apply the same passion for engineering but applied it to making the industry more efficient.



The journey towards the circular economy in demolition.



In this presentation Kiro will explore Keltbray’s journey towards the circular economy and how the drive to rely on existing materials and structural components will be required to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

Circular economy, especially in the demolition world is moving away from segregating and salvaging the best components of a demolition project to understanding how such components can be reused in the design on the new building.




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