Steve Andrew

Global business development and asset closure director, Liberty Industrial



Steve has been actively involved in the demolition industry for over 40 years, firstly as a contractor and more recently as a consultant/clients engineer leading the planning, preparation and successful delivery of a significant number of high hazard sites for dismantling for reuse, demolition and land remediation.



Things I wish someone had told me when I started in this industry



After spending over 40 years working in the decommissioning and demolition industry, Steve has seen significant changes in how the industry has developed into a science compared to the “good old days”.


There are common themes and issues that constantly arise during projects of this type, and Steve says it would have been useful to learn about these in the early stages of his career knowing it would have certainly removed a lot of issues, not to mention a little stress.


Hear about real-life examples of some of the lessons he has learned, some of the background and what he would do differently today.







Safety and sustainability
in demolition & recycling

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