Tim Calvey

Demolition Safety Manager, Independence Demolition



Tim brings over 10 years’ experience in construction. He is responsible for developing and delivering effective policies, procedures, auditing, training, communications, and educational materials to ensure compliance and to promote increased understanding, appreciation and adherence to safe operating practices throughout the workplace. He also develops and implements comprehensive safety programmes to meet regulatory requirements.

Tim leads and conducts health and safety compliance audits; implements follow-up corrective actions to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. He provides subcontractor oversight, reviews safety plans, method statements and implementation to ensure all work is performed within the standards of IX, OSHA and Owner’s safety policy. He coordinates and performs industrial hygiene assessments, develops and delivers training to field personnel to ensure safety competencies in Hazard Recognition, OSHA regulations, Confined Spaces, Fall Protection and other selected areas.



Building a strong sustainable safety culture and programme in the demolition industry.



Tim will talk about the top down approach and how everyone plays a factor into having a strong safety program starting with ownership all the way to the core trades men and women, including some of the items such as safety programmes, training programmes, policies, pre task planning items, and yearly emphasis programmes that help build a strong culture.

Then most importantly talk about some of the challenges getting to the point of having that strong safety culture and maintaining it over time.





Safety and sustainability
in demolition & recycling

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